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Who We Are

Protect The Faith is an ecumenical security ministry that boldly serves to safeguard children, protect leadership, and lower the liability with security programs for churches and mission fields around the world. We succeed by possessing a Christlike mindset, coupled with special military and police skillset.

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The Begining

How It All Started

In 2003, our founders saw a need to redefine a "security missionary" both locally and globally in the modern age. Using the Israelites in Nehemiah 4 as a model, PTF was founded on the balance of the shovel and the spear - protecting the people of God while also investing in people and reaching the lost.

About PTF

How It Is Going

In 20 years of service, Protect The Faith has developed into a global security ministry serving churches and organizations both stateside and internationally. We focus on four key areas - keeping international missionaries safe, safety in local churches, protecting children, and equipping church security with basic first aid and triage training.

The Impact

How We Continue

We are consistently providing security services to churches, businesses, and organizations across the US and abroad. In the local Midwest, PTF hosts multiple general training courses throughout the year for local churches as well as engaging in training full security teams for churches. During the summer, the focus of the organization becomes the security of kids at summer camps as we firmly believe kids should be kids as long as possible.

The Inspiration

Where It All Started

The wall around the city had fallen. It was rubble and had been for generations. Finally, someone came to lead a restoration of the wall, the structure meant to protect. But there was opposition, an enemy whose only goal was to destroy the city and its inhabitants for good. The solution - guard the wall while building it. Build with a sword in one hand and a trowel in the other. And so they built.

Paraphrase of Nehemiah 1-4

Services We Offer 

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Love our mission?

We have partnered with Protect the Faith for the past several years, and they approach their work as a God-called ministry. Protect the Faith has partnered with us on events, our annual meetings, our summer camp program held at our state campground, community outreach efforts and training efforts for our state staff and local churches. Protect the Faith brings a high level of commitment, qualification, insight, and a heart for the Lord’s purposes. The members of Protect the Faith are individuals of integrity.

D.F. - President

Multi-city youth mentoring ministry

Why Us

Our Qualifications

Protect The Faith’s leadership team has over 90 years of distinguished service in military special forces, covert operations, police special ops, SWAT team, police undercover work and private security situations. Additionally, our medical training staff is well versed in all facets of emergency medical situations and triage.

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