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Security & Medical Training & Services

Sanctuary Training

Specifically designed with churches in mind, our HOST (Hands-On Sanctuary Training) Program and Certification equips your church's security team to handle anything they may encounter on typical a Sunday morning. Our process is unique in that we engage the lay security team with hands-on training, implementing our exclusive 6-level Use of Force continuum that combines theory and practicality.  Although there may be a need for physical interaction, we believe it should be accomplished in a Christ-like manner. We teach de-escalation, less-than-lethal defense, close quarter combat and defense, and advanced danger training, including active shooter situations.

Code Blue

With the help of our EMT and CPR trained teammates, Protect The Faith provides low-level triage and emergency training to help patients and leaders through the issue at hand.  Whether it’s a simple bandage or working to stabilize an elderly congregant until first responders arrive, our training will afford confidence in a stressful situation. Our team provides seminar education as well as training and certifications for your team members in CPR, AED, and first aid.

“Having Protect The Faith train our security team makes Nehemiah 4 become a real part of our church and ministry.  It allows me to focus on rebuilding lives – to do what I’m called to do – while they stand guard and keep an eye out for the enemy.  Should there be an issue, the ‘trumpet can be sounded’ and they’ll be there to handle things.  It isn’t just crime in our sanctuary, either.  They help with medical emergencies, concerns that may pop up in any area of the building, helping our seniors to the parking lot and many other situations.  It’s the ultimate ‘we have your back’ and a wonderful partnership”. 

James D.

Church Leader

Security Services

Alongside trainings, PTF also offers security consultations and contracts. With more than 90 years of distinguished service in military special forces, covert operations, police special ops, SWAT team, police undercover work and private security situations gives us a detailed mindset and skillset to serve all your security needs domestically and internationally.

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