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B. H. - Camp Director

Summer camp hosting 4,500+ youth annually

Protect the Faith's DNA is the demonstration of the Gospel by protecting and safe- guarding God's most beloved: His people. The training experience was hands-on, pastoral, and direct in the formation process of equipping our leaders through the lens of security. The leadership of Protect the Faith has been influential in our process of heightening our safety on our campus. They have done this through ways of consultation and training that includes the competency development of communication strategies in security simulations, helping us secure our grounds borders and implement a surveillance system on-sight, challenging us to grow our leaders through experiential learning, while at the same time proving to care first, always, about those that theyserve.I’m grateful for their work of ministry, and for their support and prayer in bettering our mission. I'm also honored to say that they have accelerated our culture of what it means to protect and safeguard the Kingdom of God with great zeal, excellence, and Christ-centeredness.

Youth Camps

Our ministry serves various faith-based camps each summer. We believe in these Christian camps so much that we pause all training aspects of Protect The Faith during summer camp season and send all our security missionaries to "stand on the wall" for kids at camps around the country, doing all we can to provide a barrier that allows kids to be kids a little
bit longer.

Our Take on Camps

Our leaders have a huge heart for children and heartily believe that kids should be kids as long as possible. Kids camps are one way we work with our local communities, staying connected to our roots. We serve by training camp leaders and providing on-site security at camps as well as being another set of ears for students so they can talk to adults about what is going on in their lives. This gives our team an opportunity to share the Gospel of Christ with the students who open up to them, helping further the Great Commission.

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